Deep Healing

img201903032018061571567571.jpgWe might influence the body to be healed through the medicine we give to our patient, but if their mind is not willing to accept and receive the medicine we give, our healing will not work.

I observe people who take our medicine, they refuse it because it is bitter. Indeed bitter herbs will make them better and because it doesn’t taste good, people refuse to take it in.

Here we see that people keep on focusing on what is bad and not is good. They hold it in their mouth for so long that they keep tasting the bitterness. They could not swallow it because its bitter. But what they do not know, once the medicine pass through the mouth they will not taste the bitterness anymore and our body will transform the bitterness into medicine that would take effect by distributing it to the corresponding organs in order for healing begin.

The state of mind is also important in healing. We may force the body to accept our medicine but it will only provide temporary relief. And when the pain comes back we would take again the drug to suppress the pain and we become dependent.


Hilot healing aims to restore the natural body functions of our patient by not becoming dependent on the medicine we provide. The real medicine we give to our patient is for them to be more responsible in taking care of their health to live their life to the fullest.

Past issues of our life specially the unpleasant one becomes our bitterness in life. These past issues are the ones remind us to get angry and mad. This is the one we continually keep that made us suffer.

Physical manipulation wont take away that life issue. Physical touch will just give a temporary comfort and relief so as the Bio Chemical effect of herbal medicine will not last for long. The memory will come back again and again until the person will not release that emotion from their heart. Total surrender to the Divine Will is necessary in order for deep healing to take effect in our life.

With these method of healing, you are not only healed Physically but also emotionally and spiritually. This is what makes Hilot differ from other healing modality.


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