Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Certification Course


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In this certification course, we present hilot not just a massage but a complete Holistic Integrative Life Changing Operable Treatment that will equip our Hilot Provider to diagnose illness as well as in providing cure in a non invasive and natural means.

Course Content

  • Definition, Philosophies and Principles of  Hilot
  • Concept of Life and the Five (5) Elements composition of Man
  • Ancient Filipino concept of Health, Wellness and Illness
  • Traditional Filipino Health Care Delivery System
  • Indication and Contraindication
  • Endangerment sites
  • Client/ Patient Profiling
  • Conventional Vital Sign taking
  • Hilot Hygiene (Suob, Banyos, Hilod & Paligo)
  • Pagsasala Ritual (Banana Leaf Scanning & treatment)
  • Fire Cupping Therapy ( Bentusa)
  • Traditional Dagdagay Filipino Foot Massage
  • Dry Hilot Procedure
  • Hilot Masahe procedure back of body
  • Hilot Masage procedure leg and thigh
  • Hilot Masahe procedure abdominal area
  • Hilot Masahe procedure hands, arms and chest
  • Hilot Masahe procedure for face and head


FEE: Php 38,200.00



2 thoughts on “Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Certification Course

  1. Hello. I would like to know if you will be available to teach in December 2019. The cost to also live in. There might be 3 of us who would do the certification class. Salamat!


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