Tawas: A Hilot method of Diagnosis

Tawas is an abstract form of communication whereas the practitioner of Tawas gather information from the subject utilizing tools such as paper, water, candle, oils and others to observe and analyze form and symbols. It is a indigenous art of Divination and Diagnosis practiced by rural folks to determine the cause of illness.

In Hilot or Philippine Traditional Medicine, the cause of illness is not limted to Physical factor but also through emotional, mental,social and spiritual factor thus Filipino believe in Usog, Buyag, Gaba, Bati, Kulam, Engkanto and Multo.

Ancient Filipino view life as a Divine Gift so as in having illness is viewed as a punishment. In this concept of life, Health is a condition of life where you are experiencing good health which is known as kaginhawaan and bad health condition as karamdaman. Wellness and Illness condition of man is a result of mans response in doing their life purpose.

Life is characterized by motion and movement, so in the concept of life purpose there must have growth and progression. When growth and progression is absent into one person not only physically but holistically, Tawas is performed to determine the malady that causes illness and implement cure.

Tawas ritual start with silencing of the mind of both the pratitioner and the recipient. The Magtatawas will ask permission to the Divine Creator to allow him or her be used as a medium of healing and will call on the Higher and Lower self of the patient.

Then using a small piece of blank paper, the magtatawas will swipe it over around the body of the patient from head, shoulder, arms, hands, chest, stomach, legs, feet, and back parts of the body.

The magtatawas will put 3 drops of oil to the palm of the patient and will place the paper on it and be covered with another palm and start to connect one another in a prayer position.

The praying hands will be placed in front of the heart, then to fore head and lastly to the stomach with the paper still inside the praying hands. And the magtatawas will ask the patient to release the hands and will get the paper and will introduce it to the flames of the consecrated lamp or candle and will read the shapes and symbols formed.

From our last Tawas workshop that was held on November 25, 2018 at the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama in San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan they reported that while doing tawas they are like looking at a story board as the read the images formed in the Paper Tawas. Their Psychic senses has also been enhanced and was able to develop Empathy which is essential in doing Healing Works.

From our Workshop we have produced the Millenial Magtatawas from the persons of the following:

  • Doctor Aris Siazon (Doctor of Homeopathy)
  • Wilma Villalba
  • Rovie Dela Cruz
  • Meliton Siazon

Congratulations to our new Magtatawas and welcome to Hilot Academy of Binabaylan.

If you are interested to learn the Ancient Art of Tawas or other Hilot Modality, you may write us an email for schedule through hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or you may call and text us at +639952467040


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