Distant Healing

A friend asking for help for a friend who is at the hospital. I ask what had happened and this is what happened:

Right now rashes all over body and lump in throat. She is in hospital, is fine and doctor’s cannot diagnose of course. Her mother too, strange illnesses

In this situation, the person involve is living off the shore distantly from me. We only communicate through social media. I ask for the patient name and birthday and started to work.

The person is asking for diagnostic so i do our traditional diagnostic method. I write the patient name on a piece of paper and pass it over to the flame of lighted candle.

Then as i do the procedure, this is what i saw:

Her mind and her energetic body is clouded with darkness that affects and make her liver spleen and pancreas affected.

There is a sign of slippery feet that make her life so difficult.

Ill wish of failure Of not arriving to the place where she should be in now…

Though all of these words are only impression from the image that been formed as i connect my self to the psyche of the patient. But the friend who ask told me.

Thank you for your urgent help and assistance! I look forward to learning with you in the future! Salamat! Your reading was accurate.

With these, we welcome request from anyone around the world for distant healing ang diagnosis.

Just get in touch with me Apu Adman Aghama through facebook or Instagram or you may email me at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or text and call me @ +639952467040 this is the same number for my whatsapp account.


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