Anitu, Baybay, Baro at Hilot

Longtime ago before the Colonial Period in the Philippines, children were not taught in schools by teachers but by their parents. Modern Science and Art as people brag about today are unknown except for the knowledge on how to live their life in harmony with Nature.  Children learn to stand, walk and talk as they have been taught by their Parents, Grand Parents, Uncle and Aunt as well as their brother and sister. Strong Family values have been inculcated to the heart and mind of the Children in the past generation.

When the Colonizer came to our land, so as the modern technology arrived. Education System was put up that separate children from their homes to learn modern science and art. Parents strive hard to work and earn so that they may pay for their children schooling.  Before, education is free as it has been taught out of love by our Parents; now it has a price that sacrifice family values out of the so called better future of our new generation.

Now-a-days, even we are at home; we lack the skills of living our life. We rely our daily lives on the modern technology that has been brought by this new Generation which is the Millenial Age. Children do not know how to play with their neighbors except playing on their tablet or android. Preparing food now is just a click or dial a way and wait for the delivery service for their food; and there are a lot of things are lacking these days with the people living in this present generation.

Hilot is one of the many knowledge in the past that people have forgotten. So as our own hand writing system which is Baybayin and our ancient religion which is Anituhan. Even right now, we do not wear any more our traditional clothing and have forgotten what really it is.


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