Each Hilot is Unique

Hilot are cultural worker and steward of the Earth. We are ordained by the Law of Nature and Universal law as care taker of its creation.

Most people see that we work on relieving pain of the People, but our work is not limited on relieving human pain and sufferings but we are bringing back the harmony in their lives by balancing the forces of nature that governs it.

Hilot is a Common People Medicine. It is not formulated and designed by a single individual or group of people, but it was passed down to us by our ancestors from generation to generations. As a Common people medicine, Hilot Techniques and methodology are unique from each tribe. Though different and unique from each other, the law of nature applies that we are all connected as magkakaugnay.

Standardization of techniques might violate the universal law of uniqueness as it will implement the superiority of one tribal technique and the other to be inferior.

All Hilot are equally potent and unique. Each methods are allowable as it will produce cure to the illness of mankind. What makes Hilot similar to each technique is that it works out to obtain common goal of bringing cure and restoring wellness to mankind.

The motivation of Hilot as a Healer is to heal which is to Help Enhance Alleviate Life from pain and suffering.


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