Hilot is a pre Christian Healing Modality

The forum on Hilot intend to preserve the Philippine Healing Arts and Science which is our Traditional and Natural Medicine. It is our Pride as a Filipino to have our very own Healing Modality that we could share to the world.

Hilot as i have said before is the Common people medicine that is not owned by a certain person, tribe and money generating company. In preserving Hilot we must consider each healing modality of the indigenous people of the Philippines.

As a Healing Modality, Hilot has a unique way of diagnosing an illness through tawas and it uses orasyon to make the method of healing used to be potent.

As the only Pagan in the forum, i should remind our Christian brothers and sisters that is present in the forum that Hilot is a Healing Modality that predates the Christianization of the Philippines. In order preserve this wonderful healing modality, we should also consider its Pagan origin where it comes from.

To understand more of this, i would like to give credit to Mr. Jordan Clark of the Aswang Project for taking time to record in understanding the Philippine Mythology which you can follow on this link.Understanding Philippine Mythology


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