Preserving Hilot for the future Generation

It was year 2002 when i start getting involve in the advocacy of promoting Hilot as Traditional and Natural Medicine in the Philippines. I was nothing before but just a simple practitioner and provider of Hilot.

I brought out my personal practice into public by sharing my knowledge and skills through teaching on 2008 that lead to the creation of Philippine Certified Wellness Therapist Association Inc through Humancare International Inc. with the guidance and suppport of Ms. Grace Sanico which is a TechVoc. expert and fan of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Philippines.

Yesterday July 8, 2018- was our second meet up with fellow Advocates, Practitioner, Trainers and Assessor of Hilot. We have gathered to preserve Hilot so that it may continually exist in our country by teaching it to the public and promoting it through service.

We have discussed and agreed the definition of Hilot as a healing modality that focus in curing the root cause of disease. It is almost the same that we have discussed in the Shrine the purpose of healing, a person wont be healed if s/he will remain intact to the cause of his/her illness.

When a person is suffering from difficulty to breathe we check what is the probable cause of that condition and remove the blockages that make that person to have difficulty in breathing. This is why in Hilot it is important for us to conduct tawas first before applying treatment to our patient. Tawas determines the cause of illness and through hilot we remove that cause and improve the wellbeing of our patient.


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