Healing through the power of the Elements

Effective healing invokes the power of the elements. These elements are the Vital Signs of Life within us. The Earth being our body that has shape and form which is the vessel of lifeforce; the water which flows into our veins and all watery substance that governs our body; the fire which give us complexion and temperature; the air which make us breathe and had inspiration; and the spirit which hold all together this elements to make life and living posible in this plane of existence.

Hilot Hygiene is one of the preliminary process that Hilot Healing does. It aims to cleanse and purify the physical body of the client in an out.

On the begining of every session, we ask our client/patient to drink pure water to flush out first internal toxins that build up in the body.

Hilot Hygiene composed of the following treatment:

  • Suob
  • Hilod
  • Paligo

All of these treatment are collectively called as Banyos which all means to take a bath. Basically, bathing is a practice done by Filipinos to remove dirt to our body thus making our body clean and fresh feeling.

It uses water as a medium either warm or cold. We also use herbs or soap (basically soap is made of oil which comes from plants), and body movements like rubbing or scrubbing to remove dirt in our body.


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