Valuing Health

Hilot values the health of every client thus we teach our clients to value their health too. Being too busy is not an excuse for an individual to neglect their own health.

The Hilot Binabaylan follows the Universal and Natural Laws. We start our work as the sun rises till the sun set, seven days a week, and four weeks a month.

We acknowledge that each individual has also tight schedule from work but still it is not an excuse to be lazy in taking care of your own wellness. 

If you are an employed individual at least you either have 1 or 2 day off that you can use for a Hilot treatment. Or even if you dont have a day off, it is must that you set an appointment to have your hilot treatment done for you. 

Hilot does not do Home or Hotel Service to anyone, except that if the individual is about to deliver birth or on his/her death bed.Other condition where a Hilot provide a home treatment is when the individual had a stroke and is paralyzed. This condition requires medical abstract and recommendation from the patients attending Physician.


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