Hilot our Pride

This page started as Philippine Traditional Hilot Wellness Massage and promoting it as Alternative Medicine. As we start we walk together with PHILIPPINE CERTIFIED WELLNESS THERAPIST ASSOCIATION as our main organization for our Tesda Graduate in Hilot Wellness NC2 and Massage Therapy NC2 until the group was disolve to give way for DoH organization of Licensed Massage Therapist that is PALMT or Philippine Association of Licensed Massage Therapist. 

But by 2018, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan will open its door not only for teaching or training but also as membership organization to all Hilot provider in promoting our Modality as Philippine Traditional and Natural Medicine.

Like in other country, we believe Hilot is not just an Alternative Medicine but it is our very own Traditional Medicine.
In this modern age of the Millenials, we almost have lost our own identity as who we are and have neglected the works of our ancestors in co creating this world. 
Habi or Hilot Academy of Binabaylan commits in preserving our own culture by Sharing Hilot to the world that will bring us back our own identity as the Children from the Pearl of the Orient as Magiting or Great People.


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