Pilay is unique Filipino word that been used by Hilot that has no definite word in English; but generally it refers to the cause of persons illness.

When you ask a Filipino to define Pilay, they may say that it means a broken bone or twisted nerve or sprain; but to simply describe what Pilay is it means broken.

In Hilot Academy we teach that wellness and illness is the result of applying the natural and universal law. If you follow the law you will obtain wellness; but when you break the law, then you will get I’ll.

Illness is the result of breaking the law; and Wellness is the reward for following the law.

When we get sick, the role of Hilot is to rehabilitate us so that balance and harmony will resume it’s work in us so that we may obtain good health and wellness.

The Hilot address the Pilay by doing the Pagpupulso as well as by pagsasala. In this process, the hilot serves as a judge in determining the amount of malady the person does and balancing the elements which the person’s lack so that wellness may resume.

In our workshop that we will conduct on November 6, 2016 we will talk more about pilay and how to determine the cause of illness though pulse reading.

If you are interested to participate, register as early as now for reservation of seats and modules.

You may text or call Apu Adman at 09952467040 or 09208952599.



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