Life and Death

Practicing Hilot is a sacred duty of balancing life and death. As Hilot we sustain and maintain life through the techniques we employ in our treatment thus we prevent the early cause of death; and in Death hilot takes part of the role in bringing back the spirit into the universe.

I learn hilot as a Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of the Filipino People through the Myth of Kabunian in creating the first humans; and through the same act of creation the God ordained humans to be the vessel of life in the world.

Giving, Sustaining and Maintaining Life is the Purpose of Hilot.

Thus, me as a Hilot, i live by giving/ providing Hilot to the people.

Yes when i mean “i live”, i make Hilot as a form of income generating livelihood where i provide my services for a reasonable fee. As a Hilot provider, i also need to maintain my life too.

Maintaining life is not only in the Physical sense but also through intellectual, emotional and social sense. The spirituality of Hilot makes these four other aspect in balance and harmony to one another.

Balancing the Physical to all other aspect of our being makes us whole.

Since Hilot is a powerful tool in maintaing life, let us use this method of healing with awe and respect. Hilot can promote Life but abusing the promotive powers of Hilot (massage) into sexual pleasure becomes destructive force in a form of lust thus becoming into prostitution.

Using this form of healing disqualify a practitioner of becoming hilot but instead he or she is better be called as a prostitute.

Since Hilot follows the Universal and Natural Law, those who give authentic Hilot can be found where the sunrises and they rest when the sunsets.

Hilot is a noble profession and a spirtual vocation, so let us not desecrate it by involving our craft into prostitution.




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