Our Body speaks

9L3E0677In giving hilot massage, it is discourage to have conversation with the client during massage except before you give hilot and in taking the clients health profile. Be reminded that the goal of hilot session is to provide the client a means to improve relaxation; improve sense of well being; and to reduce stress.

Thus talking during the conduct of hilot will disrupt the goal of relaxation.

The only communication that is allowable during the hilot session is through the therapeutic touch that we apply to the skin of our client. We are advised to monitor client response during the hilot session, and that is through visual observation of the clients reaction to the pressure we are giving during the session.

9L3E0656Each of our hand movements towards the clients body is a well meaningful gestures. Even before giving hilot when we do pulse reading analysis, the body internal organs speaks to us to tell the overall condition of our client thus giving us idea on what aspect of the clients need to work out for improvement.



2 thoughts on “Our Body speaks

  1. Apu, I am very much interested in enhancing my skill and knowledge about Hilot… my mom taught me the techniques kasi nanghihilot din cya dati, but she had to stop the practice because she felt very drained after each session, which I also agree as per experience that is why I limit giving hilot to family members only. I want to improve my gift kasi alam ko, healing has always been inside me since. Sana you can guide me ☺


    1. Hi Laarni! Thank you for your comment. Yes giving Hilot can be draining, but there is a technique how you can not be easily drained while giving hilot, and that is through proper breathing.

      I notice some traditional healer while giving hilot always “Burp o DigHay” and that is the cause of easily draining of your energy. Instead of concentrating the energy to the work of healing, the hilot is focusing transforming the negative energy to become a burp.

      Yes automatically we deal with negative energy or illness of the person, but that should not be the focus of Hilot but instead our focus should be on sharing our possitive energies to our patient/client/guest.


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