Hilot Orasyon: The healing power of Communication

In TESDA Training Standard and Regulation of Hilot Wellness Massage for National Certification, Orascion or Oraysyon was mentioned as one of the Healing Concepts in Hilot together with the employment of massage and application of herbs.

So in teaching Hilot, TESDA Accredited Hilot Trainers formulated an acronym to define what is Hilot.

H stands for Herbal

I for Init or the use of fire

L for Langis (Oil)

O for Orasyon (Prayer)

and T stands for Tubig (water)

The definition that you read in this blog is my modified version to the acronym of Hilot which on its original version “H” stands for Hangin (air/Wind); “I” for init or the use of heat L for Lamig or cold; “O” for Orasyon or prayer; and “T” for tubig or water.

I made the change of meaning to the Letter “H” and “L” because Hangin/Air/Wind and Lamig/ Cold is a form of malady that needed to be treated by Hilot. So in maintaining the therapeutic sense of healing, i carefully choose the appropriate words in accordance to the traditional practice of the ancient healing arts and science of the Filipino People.

But this post is not about to discuss the definition of Hilot but rather i want to highlight one of the modality or concept of healing which is Orasyon.

Orasyon are prayers. Filipino Traditional Healers uses brocken latin prayers which are Roman Catholic in Origins. Mostly those who use orasyon in healing are Christian Mystics that now-a-days popularly known as LNK Groups.

In modernizing Hilot and bringing in Science into the craft, i have thought of revising the the definition of orasyon as therapeutic communication rather than to the commonly known Prayer.

Since the goal of Prayer is to communicate in order to achieve certain desire; the Orasyon in Hilot is to open up communication in bringing change to the person from having illness to wellness.

In communication, we use words that we speak out to have sounds. By speaking out the words, we could hear clearly what is in the mind of the person. Some hidded thoughts will be released so as it could help to define our inner emotion.

Literal prayer address to the Divinity helps us tap to the subconscious to the super consciousness of the client that will clear up our thoughts and emotions from negativity.

Hidden emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, etc. gives the person an easy feeling thus making him/her to be sick. Releasing those feeling and thoughts will help to clear the energy and be restored to health.

So in giving Hilot, we are not just dealing with the Physical Body of our client but we are also giving care to their emotions and to their mind.


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