Energetic Balance of the Element

In Philippine Traditional Health Care, elemental balance is essential in living an optimum health and wellness. It is believed that as human beings, we as a creature of the Divine are created with the use of the 5 elements which are the element of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.This concept of creation has been explained clearly in my Book which is the Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan that is now available at the Academy.

Since we are all made up of Flesh and Bones which represent the Element of Earth, we must also need to balance all other elements which is also essential in living our life in optimal health. The lack or excess of one of these elements will give us illness not only through our body but also to our mental, emotional and social body.

The 5 elements also corresponds to our 5 aspects of being as mentioned which are the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual; these aspects get illness too which needs to be healed.

In the practice of Hilot Binabaylan, we are also treating not only the Physical body but also the Mental, Emotional, Social and spiritual body of man, thus we also prescribed some traditional medicine to cure such other elemental excess of lackness.

Diwatang Kilubansa: Ancient Filipino God of Healing

Kilubansa is the ancient Filipino God of healing. Diwatang Kilubansa was channeled by Apu Adman on the 16th of December 2011 in Imus, Cavite during one of Apu’s nightly devotion and from that night, Diwatang Kilubansa was resurected from the land of the forgotten gods and actively working  now as a Healing God.

As a Healing God, Kilubansa taught me to detect illnesses by determining the presence of the elements in the person. Lack, Excess or Absence of the Elements in the Person will surely cause illness in the persons life not only in the Physical Body but also into the mental, emotional, social and spiritual body of the person. Thus Kilubansa Healing deals with all aspects of man and provide cure in order to restore health and wellness. The process of restoration of health and wellness is what being done during the Binabaylan Hilot Session, and as a home care treatment, Diwatang Kilubansa has prescribed me to formulate a medicine which could attract and cure the missing, exess or lack of the element.


Taking this medicine with you attrack the element that lack or missing to balance with the other element that is excessive in your life. TAKE NOTE: you can not just take any medicine without a prescription of a Binabaylan Hilot becuase the medicine might not work properly or will just agrevate your condition without prior consultation.

To take this medicine, you must need to have a proper consultation to a Binabaylan Hilot. The Binabaylan will conduct the Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System (TAWAS) to determine which element are excessive, lacking or missing.

For example, exessive water element in your life makes your earth Body to be muddy. Since too much water on earth will make mud. In this case your body will experience lose bowel movement, diarhea, hypertension and even moodiness. Excess of the elements will need to be balance by other elements and as for this case, it needed to be balanced with fire. So taking the Fire Medicine will balance the water excess; but this also depends on the presence and condition of other elements with you.

In order to know more about Kilubansa Healing and the Elemental Medicine, i recommend you to have appointment with us by calling or texting us at this number:

09952467040 or 09065080061



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