The Language of Hilot

I am Hilot and i am a Filipino. I speak English as well as Tagalog as my mother Tongue; And through Hilot i am married to a Japanese Wife which she also becomes a Hilot. We communicate using English Language to have common understanding but most of the time we communicate through Hilot.

Hilot is a Filipino Ancient Healing Arts and Sciences that also used to communication. In Hilot we communicate not with the use of spoken words but we communicate through the expressions of our heart that been performed by our Heart.

Since Hilot is about healing, it is also about love. The power of Hilot to communicate even without words is percieved through emotion and not in the mind. The Power of Hilot to heal is not on our ability to memorize the procedure but through the ability to understand the feelings of our reciepient thus the effect of hilot benefits most of our client.

Hilot is not just a massage where you employ its procedures of techniques but it is about understanding the feeling of the client and integrate it with knowledge to enhance and optimize the health of client into wellness.


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