Binabaylan: A channel to the voice of your inner self


I am a Hilot Binabaylan. I do tawas or spiritual diagnosis before giving any treatment modality of hilot. It is important for me to understand first the cause of discomfort of the client so that we could properly address and implement cure to the illness of the client.

In Tawas (Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System), we see the cause of illness not only due to the limited movement of the body, but also in the mind and emotion as well. As Binabaylan, we become a channel to the voice of your inner self by interpreting the result of tawas through divination.

Egg Tawas

Divination is an art of seeking knowledge of the unknown; thus we have develop methods of gaining information through tawas. In the process of tawas i use, we employ fresh egg that i run around the persons energy field and break it in a glass of water to read the formation of its albumen. Through that we observe the yolk and the formation of albumen into distinctive shape and analyze it and synchronize to the persons current situation. With this, the binabaylan opens up conversation with the client and let the client tell his/her current situation in life.

Today during a Binabaylan Hilot session, my client open up to me her problem about marriage life. I will not give details of her problem but will just make an insight of what marriage means to me.

Since the Month of August is also one of the auspicious month in getting merried, be reminded that Marriage is about Love. It is an ultimate of expression of Love. It is also about starting to have a family and taking up role as husband and wife as well as becoming a Mother and Father. If we put some Math on the topic of Marriage; Marriage is about addition and multiplication and not subtraction and Division.

In Marriage, the one becomes two and the two becomes one. Two becomes one does not signify that only partner should dominate, but the two should share power as one. And actually, joining the two as one will give opportunity to multiply by having a children as a testimony of their love.

And aside from that if you are a female, in marriage you do not necessarily remove your name but instead you just add to your name the name of your husband; with this you dont become less but instead abundant.



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