Being Happy is the number one charateristic of being Hilot. Aside from the virtue that hilot must possess, it is also the same virtue which a hilot could share to their recipients.

Sharing happiness of Hilot to the client by removing pain not only to the physical body but also emotionally and mentally.

So how to be happy?

A Hilot knows how to make their cliet happy. It is a hard work of personal contact in reshaping the mental and emotional imbalance of the client by the power of touch.

Touch manipulation imbueded with loving thought as the hand moves toward the surface of the skin. Controlling the pressure to light, moderate to hard pressure.

In Hilot Massage, all of these pressure must be conducted and be experienced by the client in order to achieve satisfactory result of wellness.

So in order to be happy, we must experience the different pressure that life is giving us and in the end of the session, we can go out of the treatment room with a smile in our face.


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