Liberating effect of Hilot Binabaylan

On this blog, i want to talk about stress, depression, freedom and the importance of orasyon or therapeutic communication in taking effect of the healing that been channeled by Hilot to the recipient/student.

As everyone knows, Hilot is the ancient healing arts and science of the Filipino. It is not just a massage but a Holistic approach in healing that employs different methodology to make healing effect to the recipient.

As i work my role as a Hilot, people comes to me carrying a burden in their life. They come either just to relax and have a break from the regular tensions of life or they come for a complete healing from their illnesses.

Since life is characterized by work and movement, it is unavoidable for us to encounter some pressure and stress from the world we are living in. Such as at work, there are some expectations needed to meet so the pressure of meeting that expectations give us some tension and stress.

As a human, we work in a multi level of dimensional areas in life; and our body becomes a vehicle of manifesting the results of our work. Aside from our body, our mind and intellect also does work so as our emotions as well.

The Mind, Body and Emotion works hand and hand in order to create a better result that will satisfy us in meeting our needs.

But when our body is filled with so much tension, our mind and emotion also reacts to the pressure we give to our body. At least our body knows to react through the sensation we percieve from the outside pressure we give as a stimulus.

We sense satisfaction if we percieve a sensation of pleasure but we feel discomfort if we sense too much pressure.

Voicing out what you feel such as pain help the individual to have relief from discomfort, and this is the reason why prior giving Hilot to the reciepient we also perform Tawas.

Tawas is the Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System performed by a Hilot Binabaylan in determining the cause of illness and discomfort of the client. By determining the cause of illness, the door of communication has been opened thus the client/ reciepient could voice out his/her mind and emotion to the binabaylan thus knowing what is inside the mind and heart of the client the binabaylan could formulate a cure and strategy on how to give proper hilot to the client.

Binabaylan Hilot is a treatment that could be liberating.
It uses hand strokes manipulation that could break the formed tension inside the body of the client that also extends to the tensions formed in the emotional and mental body.

By clearing the physical, mental and emotional body, the spirit is also cleared and cleansed thus making the client feel renewed and refreshed.

It is so hard to discribe in words what Hilot Binabaylan could give, so it is better that you experience it by your self and feel the liberating power of Hilot in your life.



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