Hilot meets Chiropractor


June 6, 2016 my wife Kayoko gave me a wellness treat, she introduces me to her friend Dr. Nato who is a Chiropractor and Osteopath.

Kayoko goes first in having Dr. Nato’s treatment and the good Doctor allowed me to observe his treatment method.

At first he assessed Kayoko’s standing and walking posture and asked me if she is walking straight. I did’nt notice any problem with my wife not until Dr. Nato ask her to lie on the bed facing down.

Dr. Nato shows me the alignment of Kayoko’s leg to the sole of her feet i was surprised that her foot is not balanced, left foot is shorter than the right foot; then Dr. Nato ask me to flex my wifes leg and i found it tight that it could not flex to touch the heel to her butt; then Dr. Nato press some points near the knee that it seems he was just pressing a remote control button or a keypad of computer and show me that kayoko’s feet now is even.

And to my surprise, it is really now even; and again he press again to demonstrate and the foot is not even again and on the last time just to demonstrat, he fix kayoko’s leg and fit and by that time Kayoko is fine and well with even legs and feet.

After treating Kayoko, its now my turn for the treatment.

13239075_985263611569307_465087468032555284_nSince i have a problem with my right shoulder, Dr. Nato ask me to stand and place both my hands on my back to see the problem, after that he ask me to lie on my side and Mr.Kawamoto made adjustment to my shoulder.

He presses some points on my chest and scoop parts of my scapula and shake it. He does some lifting, rocking and shaking of my shoulders. Its not painful but after the treatment i am really amazed.

The experience with Dr. Nato and Mr. Kawamoto made me not to sleep because of amazement. With this experience i learn that even postural alignment is a disEASE and having balance is necessary in living our life to the fullest.

DisEASE is a limitation to our freedom to enjoy our life and in functioning well of our body and organs.

This experience wakes me up to take care of my body through physical exercise and diet.

Even as a Hilot, i need to be healed also.

And Dr. Nato and Mr. Kawamoto is also a Hilot in the Spirit which the practice of Chiropractor is also one of the lost modality of modern Hilot.

I am dreaming now to make Chiropractice be back to our Hilot Modality.


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