Healing of Light

C360_2016-01-16-02-57-28-651Sunlight and the Morning Sunshine is a Free Medicine where we can find in Nature. I remember Nanay bringing out Baby Luis and sit under the tree to receive the morning sunshine. This will help the child to develop strong muscles, bones as well as the lungs. It stimulates also the skin cells to bring natural color and make it firm. It also stimulates the kidney as well as the liver to flush out toxic waste naturally out of our system. Indeed that the Sun provides us Light and Heat energies that provides us life force within us. Through the power of the Sun derives the 2 modalities of Hilot which is Heat and Light. So the Manghihilot technology brings forth heat to the body through the Pagpapahid method and the light through talismans and charms that a manghihilot create as a Medicine.

kontra usogAside from Pilay Lamig, Hangin, Ipit and Bali, our Lolo and Lola knows that there is another powerful Pilay that could inflect the babies even adult that comes from another person and that is Usog. Usog literally means “to move” in tagalog, but this kind of illness in other province is the Philippines are called “bales”, “bati”, or “gaba”. This kind of Pilay is a form of Energy disturbance that blocks the flow of life force within an individual that makes the person sick. This is the reason why mothers go to Magtatawas to determine the cause of the child illness and obtain a cure. In order for the Usog be prevented. The Magtatawas prescribe a Medicine to counter Usog through a red and black bracelet or a red cloth infused with prayers to be pinned to the child.

In Hilot Academy, we do not just teach how to perform massage but also we share our knowledge in making our Medicine. The Medicine we use in Hilot are Herbs (halaman), Heat (init), Light (liwanag), Time/ Prayers (Orasyon) and Water. There are many ways how a Manghihilot can apply this medicine and from these a Manghihilot differs from one another. Even that they use different form of Healing, all of these Healing Modalities are manifestation of Hilot Medicine.

Last September 16 to 23, 2019 we had a French Couple who study with us to learn the Art and Science of Filipino Indigenous Healing. And from our sharing they don’t just learn our craft but they also become proficient in doing it.

Get to know more about the Philippine Traditional, Natural and Indigenous Healing Arts and Science by learning it personally with us here at Hilot Academy of Binabaylan. Schedule your visit with us through email at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or Send a Message through Whats App at +639480177571 or call at +6399524564040.