Self Discovery Journey to the Realms of the Plant Medicine Spirits

Since many of you are requesting and interested to learn about becoming an Albularyo, so Hilot Academy of Binabaylan is going to offer you a 12 months Mentoring program on Self Discovery Journey to the realms of the Plant Medicine Spirits. This is not a traditional classroom setting which I will stand as your teacher that will spoon feed all the information you need to know about plants. If you are looking for that, this course is not for you. But if you want to develop an intimate relationship with the Plant Medicine Spirits then this course will help you.

Self Discovery Journey to the realms of the Plant Medicine Spirits will initiate you on becoming an Authentic Albularyo or rather as Mananambal on its precolonial Sense. Albularyo is the term used by our colonizers pertaining to the Mananambal who is our local healer that employs Plant Medicine Spirits to treat illness of the people. Albularyo means Herbalist or a person who studies the Bio chemical components of a plant to be used in affecting cure to any illness. And the knowledge on this field can be learned in modern schools that uses science.

There were no schools way back during the precolonial times. The education of our ancestors rely only to the wisdom of their elders and community elders. And most of their knowledge are gained through experience and through that they pass it to their children and grand children and up to us now in the present Generation.

This 12 months Mentoring Course will consist of Self Learning Activities and requires you to have a personal journal or note book in writing your own experience. Once a Month during the time of Full Moon at Saturday nearest to its peak, you will have an online video conference with your mentor together with other postulant on becoming a Mananambal/Albularyo. There your Mentor will give you Assignments that you are going to work out within a Month.

Being an Albularyo/Mananambal is not about having an exact plant that is prescribed such as what it does in modern herbalism. It is not about having knowledge on the BioChemical Properties and having Scientific Knowledge of the Plant but it is about your relationship with the land and all the inhabitants hereof.

You can take this course by sessions and the energy exchange for each session is USD 50.00 only. If you are interested to take this class, just let me know by emailing me at


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