New Training Program available by January 2023

Tawas is part of Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Medicine. It has been practiced by our ancestors in determining the cause of an illness. Now-a-days, Tawas has become an alternative when conventional modern medicine fails to detect the cause of illness of a person from then they would come to a magtatawas to ask for healing It is not that Modern Medicine has no ability in providing cure but instead their knowledge on curing illness is only based on the teachings of modern science. 

I am writing this book in sharing my personal knowledge on how tawas have worked on the people whom i touched as well as the principles on the practice of Pagtatawas with hope that through what i have shared, it could be used as a reference in conducting research to integrate this ancestral healing arts and science into the modern health care delivery system

In this program, we have shared Hilot as a Holistic Health Care where the function of Tawas serves as its Traditional Diagnostic Method which determines the energetic or Spiritual Body of an Individual. Aside from being Diagnostic and Divinatory, the procedure also serves as a Psycho- Emotional Release Therapy which will bring out the hidden emotions that have been caused by other activities of the individual’s mind. To some patients, they have said that tawas have relieved their anxiety and depression by letting out the suppressed emotions they possess within them.

My objective in sharing this Ancestral knowledge of our Healing Arts and Science is to.

  1. Integrate the practice of tawas and its importance to Philippine Traditional Indigenous Medicine.
  2. Understand the inseparability of the Physical Body to the Spiritual Body in Maintaining Optimum Health and Wellness of an Individual.
  3. Develop proficiency in performing different Tawas techniques.
  4. Conduct Ritual for face-to-face or distant healing sessions.



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