GOOD NEWS! We are going to Start Face-to Face In person Training Soon at Silang, Cavite!

Hiding in our Comfort Zone is over as everyone is already opening up their doors to Travel. Gerone said in France there is no need to wear Face Mask or Face Shield as almost everyone received their Vaccine. I got my permission now to say this that on November 17, 2020 i have entered into an Agreement with the Former Tourism Secretary Mina Gabor and Ms. Nora Columna who is a Hilot Trainer in Cavite in Establishing the Hilot Philippines Development Center which we are going to launch either this coming October or November 2022.

So with this plan your travel to the Philippines and Enroll to our Hilot Training Program that we have forged together just for you. So aside from me as your lead trainer, i will also be joined by Lakay Magbaya Aghama and Ms. Nora Columna.

And not only them that you will meet but our Faculty will also include Professional Medical Doctors that is great advocate on Philippine Traditional, Complementary Medicine and they are the Former Health Secretary of Department of Health, Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan and former Director General of Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care, Dr. Isidro Sia.

Hilot Philippines Development Center have Developed 6 Training Programs that would help to uplift the practice of manghihilot not only in the Philippines but also around the world as our Training Programs are all approved by Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care.

Basically we offer Hilot 101 which aims to enable students to have familiarity on the Definition, History, Philosophy and principles of Hilot as Philippine Traditional Medicine and also to have an expertise in application of the Basic Hilot Touch Manipulation such as the application of Pindot, Haplos, Hagod, Pisil and Piga; and also in providing Hilot Complementary treatments to client/patient such as Dagdagay Traditional Filipino Foot Care Treatment, Pagsasala Leaf Scanning and Bentusa Fire Cupping Therapy.

Our Hilot 101 is a 5 Days Training program which you will learn the following subjects:

  • Definition of Hilot
  • Modalities used in Hilot
  • Virtues of Hilot ( Ethics and guidelines in the practice of Hilot)
  • Concept of Life, Health, Illness and Wellness
  • The Healing Practices of our Ancestors
  • The indication and contraindication of Hilot
  • The integration of Hilot into the modern science
  • Understanding of the behaviour of Filipino towards Hilot
  • The Healing principles of Hilot
  • Demonstration of Pahid vs. Punas
  • Explaining and Demonstration of Hagod
  • Exploring the Healing effects of other touch Manipulations
  • Explaining and Demonstration of Pindot
  • Explaining and Demonstration of Pisil
  • Explaining and Demonstration of Piga
  • Introduction and Demonstration of Hilot Footcare Treatment Dagdagay/Kulis
  • Pagsasala and Panghihila
  • The practice of Bentusa Fire Cupping

After taking all the required subjects, each student will undergo an institutional assessment where an assessor will evaluate if an individual have already acquired the necessary knowledge and skills that been taught in the class and a graduation ceremony will be held and recommendation for national certification will be awarded.

Each students may opt out for National Certification and may also opt in to continue to level up their skills by taking our Hilot 102 Training Program.

Our Hilot 102 is a Hilot Complementary Treatment modality that aims to enhance the knowledge, skills and behavior of our students that will enable them to provide preventive Hilot Care Treatment and promote optimum health and wellness of the client/patient through Hilot Banyos, Hilod (Herbal Body Exfoliation), Pagbabalot (Herbal Body Wrap), Suob ( Herbal Steam Bath) and Luop/Palina (Dry Herbal Fumigation). This HIlot Healing Water Treatment course is only a 3 day course which i can advice that you can take it straight together with Hilot 101.

Or if you still have time, you can also take our Hilot 103 & Hilot 104 to complete all the Ancestral Healing Arts and Science we have prepared just for you.

Hilot 103 or Remedial Hilot Treatment is a 5 days training program that focus on sharing techniques on treating Filipino Traditional Illness while Hilot 104 or Hilot Health Assessment and Evaluation Method is a 3 days training program.

So if you are one of the Filipino in Diaspora and you intend to use your vacation in learning with us and have mastery on providing Hilot, spare 16 days of your time with us and we will help you achieve your goals in Learning Hilot.


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