Hilot Orasyon: What is and How it works?

This coming Sunday May 16, 2021 by 9:30 PM Philippine Time we will have an Online Virtual Webinar about Hilot Orasyon as participatory class requirement for our students at Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class. Many people have thought of Orasyon as something connected to Agimat and Anting Anting and when you utter it may produce miraculous and magical effect like an incantation or mantra.

In this webinar/workshop, we will explore on the powers of Orasyon in creating wonders. We will cover different types of Orasyon such as the Latin Prayers used by the Antingero’s, some Islamic Dua, and Hindu/Buddhist Mantra. We will also discuss here how to make an Orasyon and we will discuss also if orasyon is only limited to spoken word and whom we are calling when we say an Orasyon.

So if you are currently enrolled to our Class or Graduate of Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, you are free to attend our webinar and if you want to have a copy of the video of this webinar, I encourage you to become a monthly supporter at Filipino Magick to receive invites and video lesson on specific topic we are discussing here at Hilot Academy of Binabaylan.


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