Hilot leads us to our life journey

Our feet is given to us by the Divine so that we may learn how to stand for our self and to walk. As we walk we journey life to see all what the world has to provide. We see and experience all the good things and bad so that may learn from it.

As Manghihilot we stand and walk in between the world to learn and share our life experience in this journey thus helping other to be aware also of the blessings and challenges of life has to give.

Noel and Laura petforming Dagdagay Kulis Foot Massage

In Philippine Traditional Medicine, we see the feet as a part of our body that enable us to be firm to what we have said and responsible to the things we choose to have in our life. It is also our feet allow us to move on specially in going forward to achieve progression and success in our life. Treating our feet with Traditional Filipino Foot Massage which is known as Dagdagay Kulis help our feet to be healthy and in good shape.

Learn Dagdagay Kulis Traditional Foot Massage from us and book your schedule that we may arrange your learning session with us in the academy.

You can email us at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or call us at +639952467040


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