Hilot makes us happy

When we are sick it give us pain and loneliness. Our situation make us worry about the future and many what if’s of our life. No one likes to keep the pain and suffering thus we want to take it off in our system and be well. This is what Hilot is bringing you and that is to stop the pain and suffering by giving you relief and happiness to enjoy your life.

Happy face of our Binabaylan Hilot

At first we see pain as indicator that your mind is responding to an external stimulus. Since we determine that there is pain, we can work out that pain and remove it by smoothing it out through application of our healing oil and herbal supplement. Indeed you will feel extreme pain while we perform the treatment but after that you will feel relief.

Apu assessing the patient response towards pain

As Manghihilot we are the bringer of Happiness to our patients by relieving them from their pain and suffering. We provide them inspiration to motivate them living their life to the fullest with optimism and trust in their own ability that everything will be okay.


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