A quest for Peace

This is my interview with Gerone Pascal who is a Filipina Born in Davao that is now based in Grenoble, France. Soon we will also post my interview with her Husband Jeremy Pascal as he share his experience on his Quest for Peace and Natural and Alternative Healthcare.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

This is my first time to conduct interview with my Students in Hilot Academy. Gerone Pascal is a Filipina born in Davao that lives now in France and teach Yoga. Her Yoga Studio is known as A Quest for Peace. She do Peace Weaving through Yoga and now she connect with our Ancestral Root and Learn Hilot. Watch this Video to know her more.

There are many ways how we can weave peace in our society. Doing the best things you like to do most can be an effective way to weave peace such as Gerone who is a Yoga Teacher in Grenoble, France who use her gift in sharing to people to find alignment. Being aligned to our life purpose give us a great sense of Peace. Alignment is very important that everyone must have. Such as my experience when i had toothache and it needed to be extracted…

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