Binabaylan Hilot in France

From September 16 to the 23rd, Hilot Academy was on Session while we share our Knowledge of Filipino Traditional and Indigenous Healing Arts and Science to a French Couple who are both a Vegan and Natural Healthcare Enthusiast. They are the 3rd person who stay with us who is a Vegan. The very first is Jan Diwata, then Kai Kai Mascareñas and now the French couple Gerone and Jeremy Pascal. 70446273_3012067455534228_1988987672466554880_o

On their first day we welcome them with a Hilot Experience by giving them organic Mulberry Tea as we do health profiling, Kilubansa Elemental Name Energetic Balance Analysis, Pulse Reading Analysis and Tawas Diagnosis. It is necessary for our students to experience all Hilot Modality from the Guru before they could provide Hilot to others. From these experience, the students will get to know more about their own strength and weaknesses before applying cure.

IMG20190920140307On their second day we made the Medicine that they will use on their training and start sharing the importance of Spirituality in Health Care. In Hilot Academy we emphasize that Life comes from the Spirit and illness starts to develop in the Spiritual Realms before it can manifest into the Physical world. This is the same reason why Hilot is also known as a Soul Healing Modality as it heal the soul that will take effect to the Physical Body. On this day also we also shared the technique on how to perform and analyze tawas spiritual diagnosis. We also have shared to them how to write and read in Baybayin as the Indigenous Writing system of the Tagalog People. Through Baybayin Lakay also have shared how to do oracle reading through his Sibulan Adlaw Divinatory Method using Baybayin. And Amazingly, the couple could read and write Baybayin in just 10 minutes and they can write their own Monogram of Baybayin from their names.

Lakan Aku Aghama also have shared his talent on making Dream Catcher that Gerone enjoy doing it as she also does crocheting as a hobby. 

Then Jeremy gave Lakay Alsent Magbaya a gift which is Kefir and taught him how to ferment and make a probiotic drink which is similar to what i do in making Ginger Bug. But Jeremy is well versed and expert on doing this as shown in his Facebook Page FermenTerroir.

And at last on the 23rd of September we hereby welcome Gerone and Jeremy Pascal to the exclusive group of Hilot Binabaylan Provider in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan.



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