Kilubansa Healing Ritual Ceremony

kilubansaAs a Manghihilot who lives in this modern time, we see and acknowledge the works of our Traditional Healers who embrace and incorporate their faith in their healing practices such as the Albularyo and Spiritual Healers. But most of these healers already have embraced the Colonial Spirituality such as the Islamic Faith and Catholicism. And on the remote areas of our country even though they call on the Ancient Names of their tribal God still they equate these names to the Christian God or saints.  The Philippines has almost 110 Ethno Linguistic Groups and from these groups the name of God are called differently according to their spoken language and dialect. But as i search for a Local God of Healing in the Philippines, there is one name mentioned that has no origin and historical support. And that God is known as KILUBANSA.

Kilubansa is the God of Healing and he is the Father of Dihas who is the Goddess of Herbal Medicine. Aside from this information that we have seen online, there are no other text written to describe of his origin. This is the reason why on December 8, 2011 we conduct a study on this God so that we could unveil his mystical powers. on healing. And with that we have created a Facebook Page to his account so that his memory will remain and his work of healing will continue to this present time and to the future.

Today through Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. the healing works of Kilubansa has been revealed to us. Through years of practice and working with the energies of Kilubansa. We have rediscovered his ways of Healing and have successful employed it to people who need healing.

kilubansa experience posterKilubansa Healing Ritual Ceremony is a procedure of healing practices taught by the spirit  of Kilubansa. It is a diagnostic and at the same time an energetic medicine that will balance the elemental forces of your body. The procedures includes the Elemental Name Energetic balance analysis, Tahan Hupa Water Ritual, Pagpag Taboy Ritual, and Dampi Pauli Ritual.

This Healing Method is under Hilot Orasyon where we heal the Energetic and Spiritual Body of the Patient. This ritual ceremony is ideal for those people who are suffering from emotional and mental blockages. It is also recommended for patient whom their medical practitioners can’t see any problem with their present condition on a Bio Medicinal level.

You can now experience this Healing modality of Habi by making an appointment with us and schedule your visit to our Center. To schedule your appointment, you may text or call us at +639952467040 (Globe/ TM) or at +639480177571 (Smart/ TnT/ Sun).

If you are an Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Healthcare worker, you may also learn this modality by becoming a Certified Kilubansa Healer. or email us at hilot.binabaylan@ or send us a message here. Just click


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