200th WordPressing at HABI

Today on my 200th WordPress post for Hilot Academy i would like to share to everyone my thoughts of being a Manghihilot.

18435_1129546299176_7842019_nI am very thankful that from the moment i decide to share the Knowledge of Hilot to the world, people start responding to my prayer. I started first as a Spa Therapist at Fitness First Spa. I learned basic massage there and some spa treatment. But as i learn modern spa treatments, i recognize it’s similarity to what i am doing when i was still a young boy that i made suggestion to our Spa Training Manager and accept what i suggest. From then on my manager ask me to develop spa treatments that they could offer on a monthly promotion.


When i resigned, i plan to go abroad to have a better income opportunity. But when i apply they are looking for a National Certification or License and not just having a Diploma or Certificate of Employment. By the Way i took a Diploma Course in Alternative Medicine at Saint Francis Divine College School of Alternative Medicine headed by the Late Dr. Ruben M. Galang MD. He is the one who give instruction to us and i have worked personally in his Clinic in Cubao, Quezon City for 2 years. This is the formal education i had in college.

amtm certWhen the employment agency i applied to work abroad give me requirements to have a National Certification and License, i went to TESDA QC office and i was referred to Humancare International Inc. to take the National Assessment and Certification. It is just a one day of written test and practical demonstration of what i know in massage. After the exam as they review my documents and see my Diploma in Alternative Medicine they give me recommendation to become a Trainer and Assessor. As i receive my training certificate i was directly endorsed to become an Accredited Trainer and Assessor on Massage Therapy NC II and Hilot Wellness NC II.

And from the certification, i had helped to establish Philippine Japan Hilot Association that is in Imus, Cavite.

But this does not last for long. And i have feel that seeking after for accreditation in following standards are very limiting. So in 2012 i have established Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. which will incorporate the Spiritual Aspect of Healing into Hilot as Philippine Traditional, Natural and Indigenous Medicine.

luntiang aghama

Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. is a religious organization that believes that every individual has our own identity that is unique from the society; and that identity is a sacred gift from the Divine Creator. We believe that our identity is the manifestation of the Divine Power into our life; and this manifestation should be reared and cultivated into each individual lives. And from this ideals of Luntiang Aghama, Hilot Academy was created in order to help people cultivate their own gifts of healing as part of their own unique identity as a Being and as a Filipino.  You may learn more about Luntiang Aghama by clicking on the link HERE.

And now we are doing Hilot as part of the Shrine Activity, i feel the difference of it compared to the standardized Hilot that been promoted in the society. The barriers of limitation has been lifted but the struggles are still going on.

The Struggle of making Hilot work for the practitioner to generate income; the struggle to make Hilot as part of Primary Health Care Delivery System; and the Struggle in uplifting the life of the Common People.

As Manghihilot, i am thinking to stop. I am thinking to change my path. I am thinking to leave this oath of my service and do more in generating money for my self and to my family. I am thinking to delete this site so that no one could ever see this again. But…

I already have started this…. and i am growing old….

I remember my fellow advocate who already have crossed the veil.

Ka Efren Guanzon. Mang Boy Fajardo. Nanay Noni Del Mundo. Ka Victor Donaire.

I don’t know how you live when you are still alive. But your works have marked on the lives of the people whom you touched. The Fight you have started are now on hang. But the struggles of many Manghihilot in our country still continue without any difference.

I ask you now my Fellow Manghihilot whom i met. And to all our Manghihilot Ancestors in the other world to guide us, as we continue Our Works in preserving this ancient science and art of Philippine Traditional Medicine in our Land.


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