Drying Angat Dam

drying angat damSince June 10, 2019 we noticed that the water supply interruption and everyday from that day it becomes worst. At first it only has 12 hours or no water. Then later on we are given water supply by 6 PM to 9AM. Then it was announce that water ration will only be given by 1am to 9am. But by June 23 up to now, there is no Total Drop of water in the faucet.  The reason for this water shortage is because our Water reserviour is drying up and now on its critical level.

64580475_839469639746933_7324563997406003200_oLast June 20 by 5pm rain has fall down. It was so strong. It came with lightning, thunder, wind and some ice. Trees bend down and some houses been affected. Many people have prayed for that rain to come and we ask that rain to be redirected to Angat Dam, Ipo Dam and La Mesa Dam which is the Water reserviour of Central and National Capital Region. Since it was not only us here in Bulacan are affected but also mostly of Metro Manila.

From June 20 up to this day, we continue to pray for the rain to come. And last night before going to bed there is rain. And as open up my phone i see post of floods that brought by these rain on different places. I wonder why these are happening? There is rain but it does not fall on the right place? I learned that our government is doing cloud seedings but still the mind of Nature is way far advance than the human mind. And in my prayer and meditation, an inner voice is guiding me to find answer to the Binabaylan of Bulan La Mogoaw. So i send private message to Lakan Lago and he told me about the Dumagat and the intention of the Philippine Government to create the Kaliwa Dam.  The Water crisis we are experiencing are exploitation of our Government and Blaming Mother Nature to be the cause of this crisis.

The water crisis within our land will bring some health problem with the people. Since all of us are reliant to water for many things as Luntiang Aghama teaches us that water has traditional function of cleansing, transforming, transporting, binding, and reflecting. To read more on Luntiang Aghama teaching about water you may click here for more details.

But as Manghihilot what can we do now? We teach that as Manghihilot we are not only concern on the Physical Ailments of the people but we also prevent illness by healing also the environment. We have called the Divine Guidance and this is what it shows us.

120514_angat-dam03Gutugutumakan the Supreme Deity of the Dumagat, the Agta people who walk (lumakad) and populated the land and protect the sacred waters of the mountains (thus their name dumagat that might means “of the sea/ or likeness of the sea”) do now pray not only for the rain but also for their land. We are also praying with you for the rain to come and also to secure your home land for the future generation of the Dumagat People. May everyone Co Exist in perfect harmony and not in Greed.

May Gutugutumakan continue to Bless Us. May Tigbalog continue to provide us life. May Luwebe allow us to grow. May Ama unite us in love and continue to promote peace in our land. May Binangewan heal us from all our disease.

Gutugutumakan Hear us as we Pray! Save us and give us water to purify our soiled body and soul. Do not allow corruption govern the heart and the mind of our people. Purge out the Evil that hunts everyone in the land.



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