Giving Hilot to our Society

64725551_319451458965581_559977801692741632_nMany people think that Hilot is an individual approach of healing the body and yes it is but it is not only the Physical Body we do heal. As Hilot Binabaylan we have also the responsibility to heal our society by engaging with them as a Community. This is our work as Hilot Binabaylan, we are bridging the Gap from old to new, and fill up again what is missing in people lives as they have forgotten who they are due to the Colonial exploitation we experience either in the past or present. As Hilot Binabaylan we don’t see people in their gender identity but we see them as a Soul that has the sacred spark of the Divine.

36376234_272000266691641_814571935307399168_nThroughout the time, Colonization have brought up poison to the identity of the Filipino people that most of us have already forgotten who we are. Last year we were able to rise up and have communicated to the people about how our Filipino Ancestors give a high regards to the LGBT people in the past by participating the Metro Manila Pride March and deliver a solidarity message of Peace. And this year we will rise again to give healing again to the LGBT people in the Philippines.


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