Experiencing the Mysteries of Hilot

65101907_454063461820584_1028897632375799808_nLive In Training Program for Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan is an open ended learning opportunities not only for the student but also for me as the Training Provider. I do not only train the student on the 8 days live in program, but we literally live together and learn together as we work out together to preserve the Indigenous Medicine of the Philippines.  The Hilot training of the Academy does not focus on teaching massage on its student but instead we focus on the Medicine it self that could bring back the optimum health and wellness of the Patient.

In our Training we emphasize that Massage is only one part of the entire Hilot treatment and it is categorize on the Init or heat as it use rubbing movement that will give warmth to the body of the patient. As Manghihilot, we don’t just apply treatment to the external part of the body but we also provide internal medicine such as food and drinks.  That is why as Manghihilot we need to know our healing herbs.

64383385_2372964622982888_7559319402202529792_nAside from the Physical stimulation through touch manipulation and biochemical interaction of herbs, as manghihilot we are proficient also with the use of Words or Orasyon in Therapeutic Communication. Our words has power to affect the mind and the emotion, and by hearing our words it will change their flow of thoughts as well as their emotions that will affect also their Body Composition.  This has been shown through our body lifting and levitation exercise where our body reacts to the subtle energies of Prayer.

In doing Massage as part of Hilot treatment, there is always an Orasyon. And the Orasyon in Massage pertains to the duration or repetition of strokes that you are going to apply in Hilot Pahid which is the Hilot Wellness Massage. Time is important element in Healing. It is also the same as in the time on when you are going to take your medicine. The Amount, Duration and severity of the method is what Hilot Orasyon means aside from the Therapeutic Communication it gives.

These are only few of the many Mysteries of Hilot that you can experience with us here in Hilot Academy. I hope that one day, you can visit us here and experience the Amazing Wonders of Hilot Healing in the Philippines with us.


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