A day with Hilot Binabaylan

Lakan Aku, Lakay Alsent, Kai Kai, Doc Kit and Apu Adman

It’s June 16, 2019- Sunday is a Busy day for Hilot Academy of Binabaylan at the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama. A night prior to this we had a Freedom Redemption ritual that was Participated by the Members of Luntiang Aghama who is at the same time our Hilot Binabaylan in the Academy and so as with our new student from Washington DC no other than Kai Kai. Last night was a great opportunity for Kai Kai to learn the ways of our Ancestors in Healing as she does Tawas and Pagpag. We also did a mini Psychism Workshop focusing in Alterative Abilities and Psycho Kinesis which went great.

64206201_402146547177320_5362602024397438976_nThis morning we have been greeted by Russel Lim of Quezon City as he come to remember the Art of Pulse Reading through a Workshop with Kai Kai his Kasama on this journey back to the Path of our Race.  We’ve done a lot this day. We do the western Pulse Reading like on a Vital Sign Check Up, the Oriental Hilot Pulse reading, we do also Tawas and the Kapwa Tarot Reading by Kai Kai.  It was like a baptism of Fire for Kai Kai as she practice what she have learned from us in the past days. Indeed i agree to what she always tell that she need to learn her Human Anatomy and Physiology as she willl work out with Hilot. Though most of our Hilot are Spiritually inspired but all the inspiration of the Spirit will come into matter as it is said that:

As above, so the Soul;

AS Within, so Without;

As the Spirit, So as the Soul!

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