The Value of Hilot

The practice of Hilot in the Philippines predates the usage of money thus the work of manghihilot has been paid through an energy exchange. The payment for the service of Traditional Manghihilot usually comes from the offering of tobacco, eggs, fruits, vegetables or livestock in exchange for the healing services of the Manghihilot.piloncitos

The the pre colonized Filipino employs barter trade instead of using money. Then “Piloncitos” have been used for payment of products or services in the Market.  Piloncitos are small pieces of gold used in trading as an early form of Money. When the Spanish arrived on 1521 they introduce the use of coins and in 1861 the first mint was established in order to standardize coinage that during the declaration of Independence Day on June 12, 1898 the Philippine Peso has been introduced until the Central Bank of the Philippines has been established in 1949 that we have today our Monetary Value of Philippine Peso.

For the Longest time, the Skills of a Manghihilot are the least paid profession in our country as some traditional Hilot still practice not receiving money but only accepts energy exchange in a form of offerings or gift.

Now-a-days modern Spa is on the rise incorporating Hilot in their menu of Services and to what is surprising is that the Service of Hilot in these modern spa are paid in High Amount contrary to the traditional hilot which only receives on donation basis.

Hilot should be the Common People Medicine. But with the High rise price value of Hilot Services that can be found on modern spa will not be affordable to the common people. By continuing this practice of monetization of Hilot, only the Rich people will afford the service of Hilot and the common people will be left unattended because of the expensive price of the Hilot services.

Indeed Hilot is not for Free; It has a cost that a patient need to pay for and the Government must see this instead of regulating the practice of Hilot they must regulate the Spa who provides Hilot services if it is authentic and affordable.

Most of these modern Spa are just providing Massage and not Authentic Hilot. Authentic Hilot must perform the entire ritual procedure that will pass through to the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Hilot is not a Commercial Trade but it is our Cultural Heritage. Filipino must not forget that we have our own Medicine. Hilot is our Identical Mark as a Filipino and every one must benefit from it not only the rich but also the Common People.


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