Sunday class with Lera

We conducted Hilot Recipe class today here at the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama. I woke up early to prepare for this class. Yesterday we re arrange the Shrine hall to make it more spacious.

On this hall we comduct classes, ritual and even healing session. On normal days we do online job in this place as well. But today is not an ordinary day.

I dress up and prepare a lesson and activity for Hilot Recipe: A formula and procedure for Herbal Medicine.

Lera Padua our new Hilot of Antipolo City who is also a Reiki practitioner is our student for Hilot Herbal.

After lunch when we are about to do an actual herbal preparation. There was a walk in patient who ask to be treated on her frozen shoulder. So we entertain her. I thought it was only a minor frozen shoulder case but as i made an assessment, i found out it more than a frozen shoulder.

I check her pulse and it tell me a problem on her small intestine. I ask her eating and excretory habit and her response was ok. Then i do tawas using water and ask the taste of it and her response was bitter. So from there i learn that her frozen shoulder has a deeper level of causation.

I prepare jathropa and banana leaves for pagsasala. As i start to do the pagpapahid, the patient start to burp. Then i do stretching on her shoulders and i found it both locked. So i start to manipulate and apply some hilot massage stroke on her scapula. I warned her that it will be painful and i told her that it is ok to shout if she feel so much pain. When i do the stretching of both arms she could not even make a 45 degree stretch and little movement of the arm is painful already.

So i relax her muscles on the back on lumbar and thoracic area. But as i apply my hands on her back near the heart she start to cry and mention names. So the Frozen Shoulder treatment now becomes an exorcism ritual.

The Frozen shoulder condition signifies her bondage from her emotional prison from her love life. Aa she shout out for a name of a guy that according to her friend was her boyfriend and when i ask her who she is she mention different name than hers.

I commanded for the spirit to lift up the pain she inflict on my patient. She shout terribly like in pain and blew out by vomiting.

After she was released and get back to her senses, i ask her to raise her arms stretched above her heads and amazingly she can raise it up to 90 degrees.

The days work is conplete and well accomplished. Lera’s class today is a success with an added lesson on bondage breaking and exorcism.


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