Patient not Client

Lakay ALsent Magbaya demonstrate that our hands emits energy in a form of heat. If we focus on our natural energy within our body we can direct it outward to affect change.

Since energy follows thought, individual willingness to affect change can be brought up. Discipline of regular exercise and practice will bring out perfection to the desired results from your practice.

As Manghihilot, we use our hands to work healing to our patient; and our hands serve as an extension of our heart which symbolizes love and compassion. In the work we do as Manghihilot, we consecrate the energies we emit through our hands with love and compassion; and through our willingness to share this subtle energy that flows through us- healing is achieved.

We call our recipient of Hilot as Patient in contrary to the prohibition by the authority of the government agencies. We treat our patient with a goal of making them better, and calling them as client only means that we are just doing business with the people who seek healing.

People who seeks healing is called patient.

People who seeks benefit is called Client.

As Hilot we do not just provide benefit to the people, but we provide healing to all who seeks for it.


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