Preventing Illness

What do we do in order not to get ill? I believe that most of you have your own ways of preventing illness. But let us say that you have a gold fish on an aquarium. What will you do to maintain the life of your gold fish?

First ofcouse is you make that fish stay out of the frying pan. Make sure that fish to stay on water to stay alive and healthy. Make its aquarium clean and safe. Feed it with love and care.

As humans then, what do we need in order to stay alive? We often forget that our basic staying alive skills are easy and making it more complicated. As human instead of staying out of the pan we rather engage our self to hazardous activities to challenge our human potentials.

We breath in to the atmosphere of stress and anxiety all day. We live in a polluted world full of trash either literal garbage or psychological, emotional, social and spiritual pollutants.

If we want to stay alive and be well all the time we must get rid our selves from the source of illness. Even if we have a powerful medicine to cure for our illness but if we do not remove our selves from the source that make us sick, we will still get worst.

As Hilot, we dont just heal the body of our patient but we also heal and make a therapeutic environment where humanity can live a better life.

The pollution level in Metro Manila and Quezon City is getting worst. As Hilot we rely our medicine on the products Nature. Our medicine is in Nature. So let us make Nature be present in our Emvironment. Let us heal our land by making it green again. Plant a healing herbs in your frontor backyard. Have a pot and grow a plant. This will not only benefit you but also our environment.


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