Sin and Illness

Hilot believe that people got sick because they have sinned. This is the old traditional belief why do people get sick.

Sin is a condition of man when they have disobeyed the law of God. This is the reason why our ancestors have devised Agimat at anting anting (amulet and talisman) to have a sense of immortality or a special connection with the Divine. People who have agimat and anting anting posses supernatural powers specially on healing.

Agimat and anting anting are objects found or created by man that is used to connect them to the Divine thus possessing such amulet and talisman gave them special virtues that comes from the Divine.

Most humans are tactile being which means that they satisfy their doubt through touch. People seek for something to hold on so that they could give their trust.

It is believed that having amulet or talisman could wash away your sin thus giving you a sense of divinity in your being.

Sin is a state of mind that give limitation to your being. It is also the same with illness, You become limited into your being. Illness is a state of your physical, emotional and mental body that you feel that you are limited in functioning.

Sin and Illness can be synonymous to hilot. The only difference is that Sin is defined as disobedience from the religious law while Illness is disobedience from Natural and Universal Law.

The Natural and Universal law can be learn on how nature operate like the sun rises up in the east and set down in the west. People at birth start at the age Zero and then it moves progressively upward and not downwards. So as our growth we start from being small until we get tall. Any hindrance and limitation in applying to the natural and universal law becomes the illness of man.

So as on the mental and emotional behaviour becomes a distinct indicator of health and wellness of an individual. That is why mental and emotional health of an individual is also an important aspect that a manghihilot would consider in giving cure.

In our studies, we discuss about the soul of man and how it affects in our daily living. The Amulet and Talisman have direct effect on the soul of man that is why these things or objects are included in the Traditional Medicine of the Philippines.

To learn more about Sin, Illness and the use of Amulet and talisman in improving optimum health and wellness of an individual, you may ask for a schedule to visit our Academy by emailing us at or by text or calling Apu Adman at +639952467040.


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