Healing with Hilot

Hilot get popularized now-a-days through commercialism in spa but not all people do really understand what Hilot is all about. Most people think even those who are across the globe that Hilot is a Filipino Traditional Massage. And even me 10 years ago am guilty of spreading the wrong information about hilot.

We all think that Hilot is a form of massage because everytime we call for a manghihilot, we see them with lana and banana leaf in giving healing touch to our body ailments.

But not all hilot is about massage. When an expectant mother is about to give birth, family member will call for an elder manghihilot to assist the expectant mother in delivering birth to a new born child.

Tawas is also a form of Hilot whereas the practitioner gives word of wisdom or orasyon to the client/patient who is in need. The illness that can be cured by hilot is limitless. Aside from the Physical body, the manghihilot can also heal the emotion, intellect and social affair of the person.

With these faculty ailment of the person, the manghihilot will use different technique aside from physical touch of massage.

In our lessons with Hilot Academy, i always tell to our fellow manghihilot that: ” Anything that we put inside our mouth, our body may benefit or suffer from it; and anything that comes out from our Mouth is the same thing that other soul may benefit or suffer.”

Through out time, people have been poisoned by the words that been spoken to us. Those words may come from the radio, TV, Newspaper, Church, School or the Government. There are words that we may benefit from it and there are also some that harms us.

We either use our ears or our eyes in percieving information such us words that been written on this blog or with our ears when we hear words or sounds. And these information that we recieved are being processed in our mind that also can sink in deeply into our system.

Information are not only percieved through sense of sight and hearing but also through touch. People worldwide have this special sense that can percieve pleasure or pain through touch. And Hilot utilize this tactile sensation of man to bring forth healing to the individual.

To go back in defining Hilot, so as we learn the amazing and wonderful methods that Hilot uses we now understand that Hilot is Healing and in hilot there are many ways or methods to be use to affect cure to the client.


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