Energy Exchange

How much is the cost in having hilot? Or let me ask this in reverse, how much is the cost in giving hilot?

First of all, our Hilot is human also that has needs. In order to give hilot, they need to set aside their personal lives so that they can provide quality treatment to each patient. It is their job to make each client/patient to make them feel better not only in Physical condition but also emotional, mental, social amd spiritual aspect of their being. Since it is a Job performed, it must also be a job that should be paid.

Hilot is not just a massage, but it is a holistic treatment system that heals not only the Physical condition but also the emotion,mental, social and spiritual condition. It uses techniques that been spent with a long hours of study before employing it into treatment. 

Hilot uses tools that they also pay for it too.

When they study hilot modality, they dont study it for free. They spend thousands of pesos too in order to master their craft. Hilot doesnt give treatment that they do not know how to employ. 

Hilot is not just performance of strokes but each movement, procedure and strokes conducted by hilot are well studied movement. 

Hilot treatement are not the same treatment for everyone because people are not the same. Each client will recieved different approach in hilot treatment depending on the result of hilot diagnosis to the client.

Know more about hilot by learning with us. The Wisdom of Hilot is not the same as the knowledge being taught by massage schools. 

Hilot is our Traditional and Natural Healing Arts. It is our national pride and heritage for having Hilot survive in the midst of collonial wave that have come in our country. 

There are only few who practice Hilot now a days, so in Hilot Academy we uphold it with the highest value to help it preserved and apply it in our daily lives.


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