Hilot is not just a Massage

Many people misunderstood hilot as a relaxing massage. Even TESDA is guilty about introducing Hilot as a wellness Massage.For everyones information, Hilot is not just Massage but it is a Holistic Indigeneous Learnable Operational Treatment modality. It aims to Heal by harmonizing enhancing and alleviating life of the people.
Hilot uses Halaman, Init, Liwanag, Orasyon and Tubig in their healing modality.
It has a process of thorough client profiling and investigative procedure to determine the client/patients illness (hilot diagnostic/ scanning) ; cleansing procedure (banyos, suob, hilod and paligo); treatment and rehabilitative process.
The medicine used by hilot can be taken as food, drink, applied to the skin or can be worn to the body as ornament.
Hilot is the Traditional and Natural Medicine in the Philippines. Traditional Birth Attendants are also Hilot so as the bone setters.
Hilot is not only limited in treating the physical disEase of the person but also extends its healing power in giving solution to the problem of emotion as well as of the mind.
Hilot can be also given to place such as hilot for the home/ house, community, country and even for the Earth and Universe.


2 thoughts on “Hilot is not just a Massage

  1. Perhaps, the proliferation of Western mode of curing sicknesses is partly to blame in misconceiving Hilot as pure massage. In the “modern” or Western form of medicine, the concepts like hotness and coldness, energy, etc., are either partially or totally rejected. Thanks for sharing the miracle of hilot to the community. Hope that I can enroll in your course soon. Pagpapala po!


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