Pinning Locations of Hilot Binabaylan around the world

When I was at The Alternative Medicine School at St. Francis Divine College, it was the desire of my late Professor and Mentor Dr. Rueben M. Galang Jr. to have a Healer in Every Filipino Homes. And now we have Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, we envisioned that Wherever a Filipino is around the world, there is a Hilot Binabaylan to touch you. But what is the importance of having a Hilot Binabaylan in every Filipino Home? or even in the community of Filipino in Diaspora? Aside from patronizing our own culture and Tradition, we as Hilot Binabaylan teaches people to be responsible in their own Health and not relying it to other people outside their Family. By having a Hilot Binabaylan in every home, preventive and promotive Health Care will be implemented. The cost of buying synthetic medicine will be lessened, and every Filipino Homes will be empowered to live a Happy life, out of illness and even sudden death. This is the thoughts that came to me when I design the Hilot Family Care Training Program.

At first I only thought of Training unemployed single mother’s, but in my mind when the mother get sick who will care for her? So, I decided that I will provide a training program for the whole family to learn basic Hilot treatment techniques that in times of need everyone could give Hilot Treatment to one another. Like what I always teach in the Academy that every individual should be responsible with their own health such as an individual breathe, eat and drink for themselves so, much more they must be responsible in caring for their own health.

In the Word Hilot, the last letter on it’s word does not mean Tolerate but instead it means to Teach. As Manghihilot, we teach people by reminding them the Law of Nature in every treatment that we provide to them. We do not teach them to be Reliant but instead we teach them to be Responsible. The pain a person experience during a Hilot Treatment does not mean to hurt them, but it is a reminder for an individual to Remember the Laws. Hilot is not a gateway to escape your individual problem by having a relief but instead Hilot will push you to confront the problem and deal it right away that you may be birthed into a new life.

People might think that the Treatment that Hilot Provide is Barbaric and Ancient for as it does not consider the pain that a person would suffer, but in the first place- the person that comes to us is already in pain and what we do is fix the thing that have been broken in their lives. This is why people shout, cry and even lamenting during our treatment as if each individual who receives hilot experience labor pain like a mother who is delivering birth. Through the pain they experience they will be reminded of the mistakes and wrong doings they have done either in this recent past or even extend it to their past life. Relieving pain does make it to be cured, like in tooth ache which is very painful, if we just take pain reliever it will just relieve us temporarily, we need to see a Dentist on how deep the infection affected us and if it already destroyed our tooth. When it does, it needed to extract so that we will be fully healed. And when we are done, we will be very careful now so that illness will not come back and make us suffer.


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