Hilot connects us to the Medicine of the Land

  • Communing with Plant Medicine Spirits

It is important to know in our Journey in becoming a Hilot Binabaylan the kind of medicine we apply in treating our people who are sick. It was not us who practice Hilot does heal. And since time immemorial we never claim we could heal but it is the person themselves through God’s Grace. In our training, we share all the methods that we could use to facilitate activating the healing abilities of an individual. And many people have ignored or neglected to value of our Plant Medicine Allies.

As modern people of this time have been trapped to their knowledge that medicine should be prescribed only by a medical professional and need to buy at the pharmacy and have forgotten that our Great Healer have given us Caregiver through the plants that grow in our surroundings. People just take what they have been told and known but have built a wall of separation to other plants they do not know and consider them as poison.

Our ignorance towards Plant Medicine allies have limit us and enslaved us to patronize medicines that could be bought at pharmaceuticals. Our busy life made us choose fast relief that it is easy to buy rather than to cultivate our own medicine. This modern culture that we have now in this generation makes life easy that it easily comes and easily go. There are so much fear that been instilled and inculcated into our minds by this modern society where we belong now. But if we set aside those fear, and trust that everything God had made has a purpose and integrate our self to the ways of Nature, then like trees in the forest, we will grow and stay alive longer and enjoy the blessings that the world may give.


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