Dayban For Sale

Last 2021, the Comon Clan (which my Father belong) have suffered great challenges from Super Typhoon Odette that it has destroyed our Ancestral Home that is located at Brgy. Esperanza, Municipality of Del Carmen in the Island of Siargao, Surigao del Norte. The whole clan have helped one another to rebuild our Ancestral home that includes your Financial Support.

at the end of 2022, another calamity have come to the Clan as the Elder Brother of my Father have crossed the Veil. For so many years that my Father haven’t stepped on our Ancestral Home. He came to pay respect to my uncle and see our people.

He was so Happy to see and talked again to his siblings not only though telephone or video call but now in Person and Face-to-face. Aside from his siblings, my father was also able to reconnect with his Childhood Friends, Nephew’s and Nieces, and Grand Children from my Cousins.

Through Tatay’s Homecoming in Siargao, the Comon Siblings were able to discuss about their properties which they inherited from our Grand Father Don Diomedes Comon Sr. And my Father have decided to sell his share as his own Family already resides in Bulacan and have invested his own properties.

This pool of water becomes a natural source of Drinking Water during the time of Super Typhoon Odette that even the Manila Water fetch from this Natural Spring to supply drinking water to the Whole Island of Siargao.

This Dayban (as the natives have called the area) is natural spring which is part of the 2.652 Hectares, or 26520 Square Meters property inherited by my Father to Don Diomedes Comon Sr. which now he is selling for Php 15,000.00/ Square Meters or USD 272.25/ Square Meters. My Father’s decision on selling his inherited property is due to lack of Fund in Developing this land.

If only I have the Power in Decision making, I want to save this property to be still under our care. As I am writing this Article, I sense that there is a Spirit that prevents me on posting this, as the property belongs to the Comon Clan. Rather than selling, we could share this property to Investors who would like to build us the Physical Building for Hilot Academy of Binabaylan so as for Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. and within this place, we could add up Experiential Learning Activities such as Rice Farming, Fishing and Surfiing as Siargao Island is known for Surfing.

I hope that this article will go Far and Wide as it reaches the right person who will invest with us to build the Shrine and Hilot Academy of Binabaylan or to be the next rightful owner of this property in Developing it. If you are interested to Invest or Buy this property, you may reach me out through Email at or call/text me at +6399524687040,


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