We are Changing everyday!

Each new day it changes me. It’s either it gives me a new strength so as weakness of the body. But whatever that comes to me in each new day, I welcome it gratefully! What matters to me is that the Life Force is still united in my temporal Body. So with that I use it to work out with something great, so that when the life force expires, the thoughts the I leave will remain and will continue to inspires everyone. ( I hope that i does to you.)

Before Pandemic our mode learning is through Face-to-face interaction, and this was changed by the situation of pandemic that we offer now online training on selected skills. It’s been already 2 years now when we started our online training program called Non Contact Hilot : Mind and Spirit Work, that makes our students to become expert on the art of Spiritual Diagnosis called Tawas. But that i just one skills that a Manghihilot must have. So that is incomplete unlike on our 9 days training program which is taken for 16 hours/ day that you become a certified Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan on whichour graduates can perform basic tawas, hilot masahe and herbal cure. I want that all of our graduates could perform that, and because of that I am making an Enhancement to our Training Program and I am creating 3 Certification Program that will lead to a Diploma in Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan which will give you a Title Hilot Binabaylan.

My Idea of becoming Hilot must consist of Qualification of a Traditional Healer that could provides diagnostic health care services, implement traditional healing techniques, and can supplement home care therapeutics. And with that we already have created and implementing the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Work which will provide our graduates the title of Magtatawas/Magaanito/Pangutanahan and Pangatauhan. Then currently I am working out The Hilot Gamutan modules which will give you a Title as Manggagamot; then there is still need to add in our Albularyo Certification Modules.

So as of this moment, we already have two modules for our certification programs and there is an update to make for our Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Work as currently it has 3 Learning Units that consist of the following:

Unit 1: Defining Hilot

  1. Hilot Definition and Terminologies
  2. Modalities used in Hilot
  3. Virtues of Hilot
  4. The Origins of Hilot
  5. The Concept of Life, Health, Illness and Wellness
  6. The Aspects, Elements and Faculties of Man
  7. The Indication and Contraindication of Hilot
  8. The Healing Practices and the Traditional Healthcare delivery system

Unit 2: Hilot Diagnostics

  1. The Practice of Tawas
  2. Orasyon
  3. Reading Images, Shapes and Symbols
  4. Kilubansa Healing
  5. Your name and your health
  6. Pulse Reading Analysis

Unit 3: Hilot Rituals

  1. Healing Rituals
  2. Cleansing Rituals
  3. Pagpag Taboy Ritual
  4. Healing Ritual in Absentia

But there will be an additional Unit that we will soon implement for this training course and that will go before Hilot Rituals and the learning unit will be called: Understanding the Spiritual Realms of the Ancient Filipino and it will be composed of the following lessons:

  1. Understanding the Non Human Spirits.
  2. Understanding the Malevolent Spirits
  3. Orasyon, Dua, Mantra: The power of prayer to heal
  4. Amulets, Charms and Talisman
  5. Setting Up an Altar for Private Devotion and Public Rituals.

So these are the Changes that we are going to implement soon by November for Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Work, so if you haven’t taken the new lessons yet, kindly email me at apuadman@hilotacademy.com

And to all of our loyal followers, i want to share a portion of what i am writing now for Hilot Gamutan.

Lesson 4: Hilot Healing Principles

Hilot is a wide range of Healing Practices that aims to make people’s lives better. In Hilot we firmly believe that each individual has the ability to heal themselves, as the individual themselves are the one experiencing the way of life they live. It is the choice of an individual on what kind of life they should live. So it is not an excuse to reason out that you were born in a poor family that you are suffering from poor health and could not avail healthcare services in your community. But the life force within you allows you to move and take action on what kind of life you should live. 

As Manghihilot which consists of the skills of Magtatawas, Manggagamot and Albularyo; our Gift of Healing does not promise people to have a long life.  But we promise that through the best of our abilities, we will help them to enjoy living their life while they are here with us in the physical plane of existence. As we recognize the fact that we as Human beings are the wonderful creation of the Divine which is a Spirit that has been given with a Physical Body. And when the spirit leaves our body, death comes and our spirit will enter into the next life.

As Manghihilot, we recognize death as our coworker and not an enemy as it indicates the end of life in this plane of existence. We recognize illness or pilay as our own body’s way of communicating to us as it has shown by our very own vital signs of life. We also recognize the role of nature in sustaining the life force around us thus making the Manghihilot as Steward of Mother Earth. Our nature does not limit our surroundings, but it also includes us as Human beings so as all other creatures that exist in our planet whether it can be seen or unseen. Our existence and well being is supported by the environment where we live, thus everything around us can be a contributory factor towards our own health. 

What you have read above is just a portion of it and there are more to expect from our work.


2 thoughts on “We are Changing everyday!

  1. Reblogged this on Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama and commented:

    It is the choice of an individual on what kind of life they should live. So it is not an excuse to reason out that you were born in a poor family that you are suffering from poor health and could not avail healthcare services in your community. But the life force within you allows you to move and take action on what kind of life you should live.


  2. Apu Adman I’m so proud of you and so blessed to know you. You have such depth of knowledge and kindness. Truly you are a healer. I’m looking forward to taking the classes to complete and be certified as hilot binabaylan. I do hope to be able to have a face to face training. Will you be traveling to America soon or California specifically? Also you have great writing and profound knowledge.

    Salamat Olivia

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