Spirit Possession

It is not that we do not believe on the Devil or Satan. Just to remind you, as Wiccan we do practice Tarot Reading, and in our Tarot there is a Devil Card, this already prove that we recognize the existence of the Devil and Satan. What we do not believe is like what the Christian think about the Devil or Satan, We do not entertain those thoughts that satan or the devil could control and manipulate our lives.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

Last Wednesday night I posted a Video on our YouTube Channel as a reaction towards a Spirit Possession that happened during a Live TV Interview.

Though this video already gained many reactions from the Netizens and some people ask for our reaction that me and lakay decided to talk about this on our YouTube Channel.

In this video we talked about the validity or legitimacy of the Spirit Possession as well as the possible problem of the person why she poses to be possessed by the Spirits. Though at the end of the Video, I also discuss the different manifestation of Evil Spirits, because in the video shown it seems what she manifest is the Spirit of Anger. ( watch the full video to learn other manifestation of evil Spirits)

This video we have posted also gained many comments that i will try to answer here.

Yes Correllian Tradition and…

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