the mystic goddess: a hilot binabaylan of san ramon, california

I met this person virtually as Recommended by a Famous Advocate of Philippine Traditional Medicine and Mangaablon of California name Virgilio Apostol Mayor. And this person is Maria Haswell. At first she availed my service online then later on decided to learn Hilot with us. And now, let us get to know her here:

Who are you or what do you do before you study with us in Hilot Academy?

I have been a healer all my life and was initiated as a shaman in Peru. I offer spiritual classes & workshops, readings, sacred rituals for clients.

What makes you decide to Study Hilot?

I felt called to go to the Philippines to learn different methods of healing and connect with my ancestors.

What are the lessons you have learned in the Academy that you have treasured most and why?

I learned so much about my culture while I was in the Philippines. I had to un-learn conditioned beliefs and opened my heart to new ways of healing. I learned to read & write in Baybayin, I loved the hands-on training in Hilot, Tawas, Bentusa, Suob, learned about plants as medicine, and so much more! I treasure every moment I had while going through my own personal healing. The guidance from Apu & Lakay was instrumental to my growth and my connection with my ancestors.

How do you incorporate the lessons and skills that you have acquired in the academy to your professional skills that you already have? (such as if you do yoga, acupuncture, dancing, chiropractic, massage therapy, tarot reading, ritual tattoo, sound healing, etc.) 

I have incorporated the lessons in everything I offer; Tawas, bentusa, Suob, Hilot, Tarot Reading, spiritual classes, workshops & retreats, sound healing meditation, shamanic practice, sacred ceremonies & rituals

Do you have a remarkable experience as you practice the skills in providing hilot treatment to your client either using tawas or hilot pahid/ massage? Can you share it with us?

My client received clarity from Tawas. She was suffering from chronic pain in her lower abdomen. The information I provided gave her so much clarity and realized that her mental stress was manifesting into physical pain. She made some significant changes in her life to be less stressed and learned to be more mindful of where her energy is at every moment. She is now pain free!

Get to know her more by visiting her website through the link below. Click on her picture and you will be redirected to her website.

Maria Haswell of Danville, California


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